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What Is Bankroll Bullies Doing? Power Moves!

Updated: Apr 23


What's going on y'all! What a great way for us to stay connected! This is John with Bankroll and I wanted to finally jump in this blog section that we've ignored for too long and give you guys a brief update about what's going on here at the Bankroll Camp.

First and foremost, this is a section that I will make a habit of updating pretty regularly so make sure to check for new postings! We're going to aim to make this as entertaining, yet educational, as possible all while giving you guys the most authentic version of ourselves. We'll let y'all in on decisions we're contemplating on making, topics that we're researching to better our camp, and BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! Most of this information is going to be real time topics that we're focusing on to make adjustments to our 'way of things' for the better of our dogs! You guys could learn something following these posts, OR it could start a great conversation that results in US learning a thing or two. In regards to BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS, we will try to make it a habit of dropping big news here before it hits any social media platforms.

Anyway, we also launched our BullyBarPodcast. It's up and ready to rock so keep an eye out for that as well. If anyone would like to be involved in this podcast channel please reach out to me via cell - (774) - 257 - 2454. INSTAGRAM @BullyBarPodcast

We've been doing more than ever lately and we felt as though it was the perfect time to let y'all know what it is we're COOKIN UP breeding wise!


As some of you guys know, there's a RAVE going on about a very special dog located in Ireland. He goes by ENZO. He's located in Ireland and the dog is just an absolute monster and overall a super complete dog. He's got a giant head, a beautiful muzzle, BONE, tight feet, a muscular rear, and extreme muscle tone. He's got an extreme "wow" factor. Words can't really explain how impressive this boy is. What amazes me about him is that although he's MASSIVE and has the potential to throw MASSIVE males, he's been producing exceptional females with compact frames. Lately we've been obsessing over compact females. (Enzo can be found on Instagram @NotoriousBullies_Ireland @NotoriousBullies_England and he was produced by @ChampagneBullyPits.)

When we first saw Enzo all over social media in the beginning of his career as a stud we KNEW we had to have a piece of him. We waited patiently for a breeding that we felt comfortable locking in on. Eventually we came across a breeding where Enzo was being bred to BOSSY'S Royalty. Royalty is a BOSSY'S Willy Wonka's (A world-renowned SUPER producer) littermate. This was the chance that we couldn't pass up on. We locked in first pick female and ended up taking home our EnzoXRoyalty daughter that we named Mecca!

She matured to be a very ripped compact lilac-tri girl with a basketball head. She's got tight feet and a super thick back/neck with tight skin just like her heavy hitter father. We've patiently waited and it's about that time that we've got to pick her first stud since she'll be bred in the next couple months.

We've narrowed down our stud search to 2 very special dogs that we'll 100% be choosing from.

GHB's Whopper (Zion X Tetra)

GHB's Smash (WhopperXNelly)

Below, I've attached the test-mating pedigrees for each breeding.

Who's ready to see one of the first, if not THE FIRST, Enzo daughter to produce the next generation of Enzo's legacy! Given that hardly a handful of camps in the United States have a direct Enzo daughter (especially this old), this top tier breeding is going to be an extremely exclusive one to remember and SHAKE the game up. Some of y'all know how Bankroll Bullies does; others will learn quick! GO BIG OR GO HOME. IT'S THE HEAVY HITTERS' TURN TO BAT!

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